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New version 1.1 and a newsletter!

Version 1.1 is out. A large jump from 1.05 because of a GUI redesign and the new feature! You can now attach files or URLs to a box for reference (Pro users only).

To attach a file/link open the attachment window by clicking the button “Show Attach.” then click the “Attach File”/”Attach Link” button! Or for files You can simply drag and drop the files into Visual Plotter when you are editing a box.

To open a file or link, simply double-click the entry.

On the website-side of things:

I have now set up a newsletter (sign-up is at the bottom of every page). Please sign up for it to receive updates about new versions, new posts, etc. All you need is your email. And of course, your privacy is important, your email address will never be shared with any other party.

So get the new version (and the pro key, if you haven’t yet) and sign up for the newsletter!

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