How To Use

Visual Plotter is designed to stay out of your way so you don’t have to “fight” the tool to get your idea out.

Here are some simple tips to get started:

  • To create a new box, click the “New Box” button then drag the cursor in a blank area on the screen. This will create a box and adjust the size until the mouse button is released.
  • To create a new connecting line, click the “New Line” button and start a click on a box, then drag the new line to another box.
  • To edit a box, double-click it to quick-open the edit/preview window to see the description and tags. Holding down over the box will enable the re-sizing and deletion of the box.
  • To delete a line, double-click it then click the “x” that appears.
  • Boxes can be dragged to move them and any connected lines will follow.

Pro features only:

  • To attach a file/link open the attachment window by clicking the button “Show Attach.” then click the “Attach File”/”Attach Link” button! Or for files You can simply drag and drop the files into Visual Plotter when you are editing a box.
  • To open a file or link, simply double-click the entry.