Why Visual Plotter?

We’ve all used a notebook, a poster board with index cards or a spreadsheet to work out a story or idea:

notebook     posterboard     spreadsheet

But these methods are often too linear and hinder development or they can get out of hand, take up a lot of space, and scenes or ideas are hard to rearrange and just get lost. And mind-mapping software is often clumsy and gets in the way. Visual Plotter can solve all these!

Being on computer means the poster board can never get undone, you don’t have to clear a space on your wall for it and your cat can’t decide you have better things to do!

Text documents and spreadsheets don’t have that problem, but are hard to visualize. What if our story has dozens of ongoing subplots intertwined with each other?

Visual Plotter combines the visual opportunity of the poster board with the edit-ability and portability of a computer document and more! Such as color coding “cards” (boxes in the Visual Plotter) and searching, or rearranging the boxes while maintaining all the connected relationships.

Consider it a virtual whiteboard with no size restrictions and all the benefits of being computerized!

Here is an example of a plot:


And here is searching for a specific character:

What if you want to find where Agnar the Strong last fought Tullaco the Powerful? Or follow Agnar’s arc through the story? Visual Plotter will highlight of the boxes Agnar appears in so you can trace his steps through his arduous journey. Or what if you want to see the background on why Tullaco is attacking the Kingdom? Instead of going through page after page trying to find your notes you can just immediately view in Visual Plotter.

Visual Plotter’s boxes can contain a title which serves as a quick glance of the scene; a description, which can be as thorough as you desire and tags to make specific notations.

Your plot file can be kept forever and referred to or edited whenever you want.

Visual Plotter offers a unique way of organizing and developing a story.

Download the free tool and purchase the key for $5.00 (a 50%-off launch sale!) to open up the professional features today.

Professional features for Visual Plotter include:

  • Custom box colors
  • Quick box creation shortcut (“n”) – create a box with the same dimensions and next to the previous box made
  • CSV export
  • Custom box index for exporting and shown when the plot is zoomed out